International Bridge provides low-cost high quality small parcel shipping to the United States and territories (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military addresses), as well as pro-active customer service and consistent online tracking. Direct to USA

Direct to USA

With the increase in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce, the need for a low cost, reliable express courier service has become a necessity for manufacturers and distributors. Because we understand this need, we designed our Direct to USA shipping services to meet this demand for Asian shippers, while offering high-quality customer service and parcel visibility.

As a result, the shipping model we have designed to meet these demands provides both attractive pricing AND timely delivery. Our Green-channel Customs Clearance Service, provides expedited package clearance through U.S. customs allowing for average parcel delivery times of 4-7 business days (from Asia to the end consumer).

With these levels of service, we enable companies to ship small-parcels directly to U.S. consumers without the need for a U.S. based warehouse, which provides significant savings on operational costs.

To learn more, please review our detailed list of Benefits and Differentiators below or contact us today about our Direct to USA shipping services.

Shipper's Benefits

By using our services to deliver packages to U.S. customers, companies can expect to see the following additional benefits:

Customs Clearance
Our green-channel clearance model allows us to minimize delays and expedite customs clearance through a Commercial Business Clearance process while avoiding the per-package customs charges. Because we help customers completely comply with customs requirements, customers can feel confident in branding their packages with their company logo or website name.
Local Feel
Our packages display only U.S. labeling to the end-consumer so that the origin does not seem to be so distant. This localization of parcels and our ability to provide multiple, economical return services gives your consumers the confidence to process returns should the need arise.
International Air Delivery
Using our network of airline delivery partners, we choose from multiple daily flight options the lowest-cost alternatives for expedited international shipping.
Global Tracking
Step-by-step tracking and alerts allow us to troubleshoot delays before impact. Online tracking provides you and your customers visibility of your package at every step in the delivery process.
Service Commitment
By maintaining responsibility for your product from origin to the destination, we provide a high-level of service not typically found in shipping aggregators. This commitment to service allows us to offer competitive service timeframes.
Direct to Consumer
Because our solutions deliver your parcels directly to your consumer, you can skip the interim step of delivery to a “local” U.S. warehouse. As a result, you can reduce costs, increase delivery performance, and improve customer loyalty—all in a timeframe acceptable to the regular U.S. buyer!
Final Mile Delivery
By using partners that are going to every address in the U.S. we provide final-mile delivery from experienced personnel that is cost-effective and reliable. Because of these partners, we deliver six days a week and to residences at no extra charge. And because of our long-standing relationships with these partners and the significant volume we bring to their network, we work with them to ensure delivery of every package—with essentially a ZERO “lost package rate”.
“Green” Solution
Not only can we get there fast and less expensive, but we can do it in an environmentally friendlier way allowing you to market this method to your “green-conscious” consumers.


We differentiate ourselves by listening to our customers and developing solutions that are cost-effective and efficient so that our Direct to USA delivery can add to our customer’s bottom line. We have spent years defining and refining our express delivery services and continue every day looking for more efficient ways of getting your packages into your consumer’s hands. The list below are examples of what separates us from the other carriers:

Our Service

  • Expedited U.S. Customs clearance
  • Residential delivery 6 days per week
  • No residential delivery charge
  • Solutions that use approximately 3 times less fuel per package delivered

Your Bottom Line

  • Increase customer sales through low-cost delivery options
  • Increase customer loyalty with green delivery options and reliable service
  • Improve cycle-time on special releases
  • Improve customer service with our unique tracking dashboard

The Extras

  • E-commerce Interfaces
  • International IT Support
  • Global Customer Service
  • Pre-clearance of common products
  • Delivery to all U.S. addresses (including PO Boxes and Military Addresses)