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International Bridge provides low-cost high quality small parcel shipping to the United States and territories (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military addresses), as well as pro-active customer service and consistent online tracking. Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Eco-Friendly Delivery brand combines a variety of features to provide the best small parcel delivery service for the fairest price to our customers while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. How do we do this? The answer is through our network of already-going-there transportation partners, our technology, our team, and our commitment.

With the use of our already going there partners, the fuel consumption directly related to your shipment is reduced by approximately 66% when compared with the traditional, asset-based carriers. We can do this while still offering competitive service times at a significantly lower cost. In addition, we can offer quick implementation times, superior customer service, and tracking visibility that ensures your packages get where they need to be when they need to be there.

Our commitment to being Eco-Friendly is further demonstrated by our investment in the following additional programs that reduce the impact that our small-parcel shipping has on the environment.

  • Development of reusable Eco-Friendly Containers that consolidate small packages together in a single container for optimized utilization of cargo space and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Coordinate a Delivering Green program where we participate in quarterly service projects within our communities to help make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Provide multiple Tree Programs that allow our partners and shippers to join us in giving back to the environment by adopting trees for reforestation projects, or donating seedlings to organizations and educational institutions to be planted by their students, members, and/or families.

To find out how our Eco-Friendly Delivery brand can enhance your small-parcel distribution strategies, contact us today.

Why Eco-Friendly Delivery

Last year we, with our partners help, delivered millions of air express packages. For each delivery, automobile and aviation gasoline was used, which in turn emitted carbon dioxide into the environment. It is not possible for us to conduct our deliveries without emitting carbon into the environment. But, it is possible for us to take responsibility towards offsetting the carbon that we are responsible for.

Our generation is being asked if they will be responsible for the carbon that they release into the environment. Our noble cause, that we share in common with our Partners, is to empower a generation of online shoppers (Consumers) with deciding how much support they would like to see from their delivery service with this responsibility.

As a result, Eco-Friendly Delivery was developed to create win-win solutions not only for ourselves, but for our shippers, our partners, the consumers, and our environment. For the shippers, we see the following wins:

  • Provide consumers with a “green” shipping solution marketed as Eco-Friendly Delivery while still providing excellent service times at competitive prices.
  • Participate in eco-friendly programs that will meet commitments to reduce their carbon footprint with little investment required through our Tree Programs.
  • Market your eco-friendly commitment, create awareness in our industry, and educate the next generation.

In the end the Consumer will decide, whether through online retailer, or by delivery service. Our job is to empower them with that choice, and you, the shipper, with an environmentally-friendly, small-parcel shipping solution. Contact us today to get started.